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Play City Blocks Game Free

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Play City Blocks Game Free

City Blocks : Always wanted to be a construction worker on a crane? This is the moment to create your dream building! City Blocks is an HTML5 game that requires perfect timing. The goal is to drop the apartment blocks in the middle of the screen to get the best score multiplier. If you stack the blocks perfectly, you will receive a nice bonus. Can you build the highest tower?

The child decides to help his hometown. Complete missions for different missions or take a break and run on city streets and streets on a motorcycle, kick bike or skateboard, play some soccer or ride a sheep!
City Blocks is a city simulation game that focuses on driving a large pixel toy car with gameplay similar to the first car theft games.
- Police car: Protect and serve. Thieves and robbers were chased after high-speed vehicles, and lost children. - Fire truck: Extinguish fires and save people's homes. - Ambulance: Take the injured to the hospital - immediately. - Garbage truck: Keep your city clean. - Tractor: Plow, sow and harvest farm wheat, while keeping sheep in a carrot land. -Taxi: Take your customers to your destination, they will reward you faster.
City Blocks game is a building game. Build high-rise buildings that line one block at a time. There are small nuances in the construction of houses,

About City Blocks Game

The object of the game is to lay down each floor of the building without collapsing the building.


Click the mouse when you think the block is above the screen area. Set down each block as close to center as possible without letting the building collapse. Be careful, the blocks turn very fast!
  • Tip: The closer you get to the center, the higher your score.
  • Tip: Place blocks directly on top of each other to get full points. Plan a good arrival.
  • Tip: The number of blocks you have successfully installed is displayed in the lower right corner.
 The last piece has a roof. City Blocks should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (hopefully, but don't make guarantees).Note: Do not play any game for long and be sure to take several breaks! Knife Smash Game Play Free Online 2021


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