Minigolf Master

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Minigolf Master

Minigolf Master : Joyful minigolf game. Enjoy various minigolf courses full of obstacles and animated by simulated physics. Reach the par or an even better outcome to unlock another levels, difficulty settings and controls. Each difficulty brings its own control scheme. Can you play everything under the par?


Mini Golf Master is a thrilling re-interpretation of golf. Remember going on jr high dates to the local mall to battle it out against your crush on the greens? Well, now you can re-live the excitement and danager of those games of mini golf from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device! Minigolf Master is an authentic representation of real world mini golf games complete with physics puzzles, moving obstacles, and targets hidden behind narrow pathways that only a brilliant marksman could hope to hit. Hold down and hit the ball with the power and intensity of a thousand suns in this series of mini levels in Minigolf Master! A game that lets you go up the leaderboard as you try and stay under par! It takes a keen eye and a knowledge of geometry to be an effective mini golf master, but with practice you can make it happen! Don't forget you're not just playing to rack up a score on some leaderboard somewhere. This is your chance to relive your youth one last time! Don't pass it up and don't let yourself down!


Please use your mouse to click on and aim the gold ball. You will have to choose the direction and power with which you hit the ball.Play Zumba Mania


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